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How to store parts for Bricklink store?


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So, funny story.  I decided I liked the Sterilite solution, at least as a start.  At 99 cents at Home Depot, figured it was a cheap point of entry.  Plus, their great for sorting anyway.


So, I ordered online for in store pick up at a local Home Depot.  I show up to pick up my 20, and they just look dumbfound.  After about 20 minutes, they admit defeat - they can't find them in the store anywhere.  In fact, they can't find any of the 250 that are showing as in stock at their location.  They call two other stores, and have the same problem - no one can find them in the warehouse.


Over the weekend, I went to another store, and they had the same problem.  183 in the system, and no one can find them.  The guy working in that section was bewildered, because he's the one that stocks the section.  He sees the tag, he sees the inventory count, but he's clueless where they could be.  And admits it's a bit of a problem that he's lost 183 tubs.


Good guy, though.  He called another store, they actually had them in stock on a shelf, and knew where they were.  They put aside 20 for me, and I was able to pick them up.

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So I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to bump it up as I've settled into a storage system that works well for me (at least for the time-being)

I do all of my sorting and inventory storage at the time of listing items.  Doing it this way ensures that when an order comes in, I have fast turn-around on picking.

I use these storage trays from Harbor Freight which have removable inner bins:


These trays hold about 80% of my inventory, with larger or bulky pieces going into clear plastic shoe bins.    I enter the tray label (T1, T2, T3...) in the "Remarks" section so that when I print orders I know what tray to go to.     I find this setup is a good balance of flexibility & efficiency.    The bins go on sale for about $6-7 each on a regular basis.

And here is my storage shelf for easy access to the bins, which you may notice is already used beyond capacity: ☺️


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