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Avatar: The Last Airbender  

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  1. 1. Do you have LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender sets?

    • I have 3828 Air Temple
    • I have 3829 Fire Nation Ship
    • I have both
    • I have neither
    • Avatar? Lol, horrible sets
    • Why isn't this post about SSD, DS, GE, RI, or Exo?

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Yeah they are worth some pretty good money now. I as well loved the original show. Korra is alright, but nowhere near as good as the original was. I do think the price will plateau because the only people willing to drop $150 now-a-days are fans of the original series and they are dwindling down.

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Are any of you currently selling or trading the Fire Nation ship? I have been looking for one for ages, I was planning on buying a few but made the mistake of not, and now that they are making a new show, I want to buy a keepsake of the older, more superior Avatar series.

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Avatar is awesome. great show. especially the first seasons with Aang and Iru!


the lego's were fairly popular at the time. I don't know who's been telling who what information but Avatar was pretty big with kids/young adults in the mid 2000's and these Lego sets did well for 30 and 50 each respectively.  the holiday of 2005/06 i recall them being gone from the shelves early and restocks selling out quick. 


That Momo minifigure is so cute!


Nickelodeon lego  is exclusively an 'American' property for the most part.


Many Europeans don't watch or  know  Avatar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Spongebob is not nearly as popular in Europe as he is in the States. 


in most cases this translates into aftermarket gold because the bulk of  FMV investors/resellers are dutch,german, and danish who didnt get the cheap avatar or turtles handouts from thier neighborhood lego family rep (who is somehow related to christiansens). and the FMV european investors pretty much set the aftermarket prices for the christiansens.

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Hey folks,

Just wondering what the general take is on the Avatar: The Last Airbender theme, from 2006?  I read up and saw where it was started up as a generic Nickelodeon theme (with Spongebob), but then let the fans decide which one would continue.  Obviously, Spongebob won.

Now, looking at Bricklink, I see where these sets are worth a lot.  But, looking at the sales from the last 6 months, only 1-2 have been sold.

Do you think this is due to lack of demand or rarity?  

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I don't recall anything about any fan vote to see which theme would continue.  The Avatar theme rotted on store shelves for nearly all of its retail life.  They were heavy clearanced and still took a long time to move.  They come from a time when people weren't hoarding everything.  I would guess that  most of them were eventually parted out, so sealed sets are fairly rare at this point.  At the same time, people aren't really lining up to buy these sets.

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I don't recall any save the theme fan vote either.

Still a cool theme with a passionate fan base. I have done well with them. 

They don't sell very often, but they are loved by many (who are often willing to pay a premium).

By the way, a really great cartoon - but the movie (how they could make such a piece of crap movie - Ong???)

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Ah, the fan vote is what I could have misunderstood from Brickpedia when I was reading up on it:

" The idea of combining them in a 2-part theme was for fans to choose which one was a better theme, and Spongebob Squarepants was chosen because of its popularity, and because Avatar was originally set to end the year after."

Now, you mention the rarity of sealed sets, and I can see that - Since there were only 2 different sets put out for only a year.  But even the used, complete sets are going for 160-175 on Bricklink, from what I can tell.

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My oldest son was into Avatar for quite a while - the kid novels are great for kids learning to read "chapter books" since there are some good graphic/cartoon novels that I would read to him and he'd get really interested in the books for himself... I always wanted to get some of these sets, but we were late to the game and there was only so much cash to buy older retired sets from the reseller scum. ;)

That said, if I ever get a chance to buy some used or new at a good price, I would for the cool factor but not as an investment.

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I think the fan vote may have been based more on which sets sold better in the end. I can somewhat recall seeing those original Nickelodeon themed LEGO on the shelf and despite their simplicity, I was attracted to the colorful SpongeBob ones over the colorless Avatar. Still I imagine had things went in favor of Avatar, we could have seen the line progress into something extraordinarily unique.

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