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76023 - The Tumbler

Have you built 76023 The Tumbler?  

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A LEGO Tumbler, the Caped Crusader's black armored vehicle of choice in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movie trilogy, will be on display at Comic-Con this week beginning Wednesday. Following the pop-

So I am brand new to this forum, but not brand new to the LEGO game.  I was in it huge from 2004-2007,  Had many UCS xwings, Tie Interceptors, ISD, CTT, Cloud Cities (I thought I did well when I sold


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Posted this video on another thread but I felt it needed its own thread. At 2:26, he mentions a UCS tumbler coming soon!!! 

No idea where thebrickshow got that info from but I'd love to see pictures of it soon!

I can't recall but I think somebody on Eurobricks as usual may have said something about it before this clip. It's hard to discern rumors from personal wishlists sometimes. Haha. Considering Lego came up with a UCS version of the 'regular' Batmobile then a UCS take for the Tumbler would be the next step.
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I really would be surprised if this happens. It would be pretty cool, but at the same time - the biggest super hero set we have is the Arkham Asylum and thats one out of all the others they could build. They seem so concerned with keeping the super hero sets small, I just feel like this one would really be out of place.


If the license for super hero stuff does end after 2015 then it would be late to release a flagship set. Although this is one I think there is a good chance they just keep extending like Star wars.


Not like Marvel, etc. are gonna argue with Lego being the most successful toy in the world. Now if that changes, maybe something else happens, but I see no reason for Lego to kill the theme for at least a long while.

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I've been reading a handful of comments elsewhere on the net discussing the possibility for this UCS Tumbler and let's just say they seem rather 'negative'. Honestly, I don't get what there is to be so upset over. Sure, I would like to see other important DC characters actually get some time in the spotlight but Batman does take it away easily especially with kids much like all those Police sets City keeps coming out with. This upcoming model may not be based on the 'traditional' Batmobile but then again the older UCS Batmobile wasn't either and come on, the Tumbler is a pretty badass vehicle and having a large scale detailed build of it sitting on a shelf in my room would be super awesome. Besides, Lego only released a set last year with the Tumbler driven by Bane so it isn't far out of our minds and I personally am itching to see a way better version than that 'junior' one.

Anyway, I do not see any reason for this to not happen or why it should not. The people elsewhere who are saying this UCS Tumbler "should not happen" remind me of the same persons who were actually willing to boycott Lego completely simply because of The Simpsons. You know what? I have a much easier and simple solution for these people. When the product is released, speak with your wallet and just don't buy it.

-End of line-

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Yep, they should wait 3 years and buy it from me at 5x retail.

That'll learn 'em! Haha!

every night I got to bed and pray " please baby jebus, bring me some superhero UCS sets"

It would be neat to see a Ultimate Collector type of build for something else besides Star Wars honestly. Heck, I'll take a UCS Garbage Truck! :lol:

I will take a UCS Tumbler anyday over some crappy sets with different minifigures just to justify their purchase.

I am all for collecting minifigures but I do want some substance with the build itself. I have no problem buying a set just for the parts in the end but I still want a cool fun design to put together or something I would be proud to display, dang it. :bug:
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Man I'd love to see a UCS Tumbler.  I thinks it's my favorite version of the 'Batmobile' and even if it's just the Tumbler with no figures I'll take it over 7888/Ice Cream Surprise.  Anyone who's saying they shouldn't make this is maybe still sitting on a bunch of the 7888's?  Though they've had plenty of time to unload them by now . . .  As for Batman getting all the love--he's perfect for Lego--what other hero has so many cool vehicles built into his mythology?  I can't think of a single Spider-man comic where he's riding a flying motor cycle . . .

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Wow. Wonderful looking, I'm so glad my last two MISB 7888s were sold last year.

Like I said when the 75059 Sandcrawler was released, JUST TAKE MY MONEY.

Expect another detailed build thread come Sept. despite I'll be very busy with high stakes fantasy football, work, and the family.

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I can easily see the Ledger Joker figure as one of the 5 hottest mini figures ever released in a retail set. So long as it stays exclusive to this set, anyway. TOK should start a poll as to what that figure sells for upon release. My guess would be $60ish once the initial freak out dies down.

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Super winner for sure. Second UCS Batman set ever (and the first one appreciated well), and the addition of the infamous Heath Ledger Joker makes this a no brainer.


The set itself is beautiful too - the interior detail shot is amazing w/ all those stickers (even better if they're printed!, but as the Sandcrawler showed, maybe not), exterior has nice details like the yellow brakes in the front wheels, and the plaque is titled "Wayne Enterprises", a nice touch. I'm super excited to see how this set opens up and which parts are movable - someone on reddit called it a "200 dollar black chunk with wheels" with someone countering that the SSD is a "$400 grey space triangle", and I would argue to say that the Tumbler looks to be a much nicer set than the infamous SSD. I wonder how well the Heath Ledger Joker will part out though...


My wallet is not ready, but September here we come!

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