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Looking for someone living near LEGO Shop!


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I'm at lego store PAB wall maybe 2or 3x a week just today in one large cup I put 32 windows for making Emmet car from movie 50,1x3 white bricks for the side of car 32 steer wheels 100 1x 2 plates, 29 gray 4x4, plates, large hand full of light blue jewels , hand full of red rounds , yellow rounds ,purple rounds, orange rounds,and 1 white pair of legs asked if it was ok from Manager sometimes making friends with the workers payoff a head or torsos is ok to put in the cup but NOT every both from build your own minifigure bar ( 3 for $9.99) The Disneyland lego store is VERY loud inside but it's close to home .NEVER IS FOOD OR WEAPONS on the wall ,its in the minifigure build your own 4 sided display unit for you to pick each head, leg,body, weapons ( only 1 per minifig) in the plastic case.

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I don't know much about how pick a brick or filling cups in store works, or pricing etc.


I do know that on the UK Lego website under the Pick A Brick section, it lists (in a blue colour)


Rock Crystal - Element ID 4243703, Design ID 30385

and, Diamond With Stick - Element ID 4119482, Design ID 30153


They're priced at 10p and 13p each though.


Don't know if any of that is useful or helps or is not?

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If you are looking for horses I have a few from the black gate set. Pm me if you are looking for something like then


Thanks for offering but those are exactly the ''wrong'' horses.... they have red eyes and it kinda conflicts with medieval ''de-fantasized'' style id like to make :P

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