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My One-Way Transition from Investor to Seller

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I stopped buying sets for investment about a year ago and still haven't been able to liquidate the last few that seem to never want to retire (tower bridge, etc.). I've started just selling these last few at a little bit of a loss. I've kept very good records and know that all my past sale's profit have already covered the cost of my inventory remaining so that eases the pain a little bit. More importantly, I'm just beyond tired looking at a pile of boxes stacked in the corner of my bedroom. I know the issues of storage have been discussed at length but it really can't be stressed enough how much of an eyesore all these boxes are. I would go so far as to suggest not stuffing sets into closets. The more present they are in your field of view, and causing you inconvenience, the more of a deterrent they are to keep you from buying more.

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This is an excellent thread. Way too many people concentrate on buying and don't ever try out selling before they are just too deep. I am one of these people and I have long since learned my lesson (I

The biggest rule that I have stuck to is to only play with house money. My selling started with 5 sets I picked up at Walgreens for $5 a piece. I ended up flipping them for $50 a piece.(4x 75015, 1x 7

I don't mind answering. These are good things to be thinking about for me anyway. 1. I'd say the most important thing is to know where your sets are and what condition they are in. I've spent a w

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Guest TabbyBoy
7 hours ago, Gondorian said:

I guess 300 sets in 3 years is not considered enough to be a business seller.  I also go long periods with nothing on there and it's never in multiples when they are on there. Maybe that's the kind of thing they look for, I don't know.

I sold only 93 sets on eBay in 2016 and was forced to become a business seller. I think I was grassed up by competitors. I'm done with eBay for now as they also rip you off on invoices. Check your monthy invoices and you may see it being about 10% higher than it should be. An eBay business seller is a dreadful deal, don't do it if asked ;-)

Stocks and shares seem a lot less risky than LEGO these days as you need no storage, no packing, no shipping, no post office queues, no mint boxes, no QFLLs & no huge fees. That's where my £20K ISA allowance has gone this year ;-) When I did this last in 2012, I made about 12%, far better than LEGO at the time and I wish I'd stuck with it.

Yes, I've now sold all my Tower Bridges and VW Campers at about a 15% loss as I was just so fed up of seeing all those big boxes doing nothing! Pet Shops are going this Saturday for £95 each - break even.

The bubble burst a long time ago and is NOT reinflating, it's game over unless you are lucky enough to spot the very rare gems which is nearly impossible now.

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