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Building set 7782 The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault & comparison to 6863


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I've built set 7782 The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault. It was released in 2006 for $39.99, contained 528 elements, and included 3 minifigs, the Batwing (prob inspired from the 1989 film), and Joker's helicopter (also inspired prob from the same film). A stand for the Batwing was also included that nicely integrates w/ the 7783 Batcave.7782's minifig to plane size comparison.post-3743-0-70558000-1402435334_thumb.jpAnyway, I've finally had a chance to buy this set (no box) at a decent price. I didn't take pics of the build process but did make some notes. Like most vehicles from the Batman 1 line, the main colors are mostly black with some dark bluish gray. pearl gold grills / vents are also used on the vehicles. Continuous Bow and inverted arch elements are also used which haven't been used yet on 2012 or newer Batman sets. These in black were used also in sets 7783 (Batcave's Batblade) and 7784 (UCS Batmobile).What really surprised me about set 7782 was the size of the vehicles especially when compared to the 2012 version (set 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City). 6863 also looks to have been inspired by the 1989 film especially with the black colored Batman minifig. 6863 retailed for $34.99 with 278 elements.6863 also included 3 minifigs (updated versions of the ones from 7782), the Batwing, and a Helicopter for the Joker). 6863 seems to be more kid friendly when playing / swooshing along in the air. This was at least the case with my son.Minifigures from both sets are awesome. I assume 6863's minifigs would have the edge due to the newer designs and colors used.Size differences.7782 Batwing = 10" wide and 15" long. nearly as high as the Black Pearl when on the stand and even longer than the latest non-UCS X-Wing (9493).<p>6863 Batwing = 8


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Nice comparison, jaisonline. Both are easy to recognize as the Batwing yet design wise, they couldn't be farther apart. The old build continues to be cool with its large dynamic style but the new smaller one is good too on its own.
100% agree.

Awesome picture. I'm going to download that for my wallpaper. By the way, that batwing in the 1989 pic is pretty much 6863 without the long tall. Nice.

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