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4000007 - Ole Kirk's House

Rich B

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We are starting to see this set show up on the secondary market. Is there any rumors floating around that this set will be available to the public sometime this summer? This could be (giving to all the Lego employees) part of a market research project to see if there is any interest or an attempt to create interest in this set. I

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Ole Kirk's House has an interesting history.

LIT2009 Ole Kirk's House LEGO Inside Tour was a special gift set that was designed exclusively for attendees of the LEGO Inside Tour from June 17 - 19, 2009. Only 32 hand-numbered copies of this custom model were created by the LEGO Group.


A new variation of the one distributed back in 2009 was given to LEGO employees as a Christmas gift.


And they are selling...


If only we had more information about what LEGO has given their employees in the past years. Maybe this is foreshadowing future products?

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If only we had more information about what LEGO has given their employees in the past years.

You can see some of the past gifts here:

http://www.brickset.com/browse/themes/?theme=Miscellaneous&subtheme=Employee (click on "Employee Gift" under subtheme after clicking link. The direct link has a % sign in it and I can't paste it here)

Besides, the LEGO set, the gift generally includes another item that is LEGO branded, but not made of LEGO elements.

2008 was the heart set along with a plate or bowl and spoon:


2009 was the heart again with some kind of serving set or something (link talks about it but no pic):


2010 was the Happy Holidays board game


along with bamboo pot holders, a dish towel and an apron (a pic and info can be found in the 2009 link above).

2011 was the LEGO Duck and drinking glasses:


2012 is Ole Kirk's House and a 7-in-1 wooden board game with the LEGO logo:


They also gave the employees a DVD copy of The LEGO Story earlier this year:


Here's the employee gift you really want though:


I don't think any of these sets have been released to the general public, so I think the odds are pretty low that Ole Kirk's House will end up being mass produced, but who knows.

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I recently purchased 4000007 Ole Kirk's House. I was trying to add it to my Brickfolio, but it doesn't appear to be in the database. I am doing something wrong?


My guess is that you are probably not doing anything wrong. I just searched for this set and it didn't appear either. Just email one of the administrators about it and they will add it for you.
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The going price for one of these is in the $350-450 for a bnib. I'm not sure how well this set will do in the future though. Right now it is very rare, but if Lego produces more later down the road, then obviously it will be less rare and values will drop. I think it's a really cool set, I'm just not sure if it's worth paying $400+ for. I might feel differently 5 years from now when/if it's worth $1,000+ though.

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I love this set - I have had a couple of them. I was also lucky enough to find/purchase an open one, so I got to build it. This set has done well & there seems to be less & less of them being listed for sale. The lowest Buyitnow is currently listed at $500 & an auction for a new one is around $350 right now (with a couple days left). Hard to say how high it can go, but there is certainly more demand than supply. I have one parked to sell at $598, but I might consider pulling it (if the momentum continues).

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If it's sealed, in good shape, and for your personal collection, I would purchase.  If you are purchasing to immediately resell, then there won't be a ton of room for profit and the $250 could be spent more wisely on other sets.

I don't know, I would pull the trigger. Rich may be right, but personally I find the allure of a quick, easy, low risk profit very tempting.

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