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VOTING - "Name That Ship" BP Edition


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As the deadline to submission has reached a close, we are left sitting here with a whopping total of 20 different entries qualifying for the voting round. I personally would like to give my thanks to everyone who contributed to the contest and hope each of you the very best of luck. May the best seadog win!

The voting timeframe will run from May 23 to 30 of 2014.


  • Only four votes allowed per member.
  • You must have joined Brickpicker prior May 7, 2014 to vote.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner shall be decided amongst the jury of Admins & Mods.


Do not vote more or less than the maximum allotted votes.

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done son didn't even vote for my own..do'h

Real smooth, ex-lax. :beee:

Anyway I hope people are staying within the "four vote limit" rule. I suppose I can let voting less than that slide this once but please do not go over the limit otherwise your votes will not be counted towards the final tally.

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There are a lot of creative names in this contest. Looks like I'm in 4th place. Not too bad! Old Ironstuds is probably the most creative ship name in the list. There is still six days of voting left, so anything can happen. 

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Devil's Bane

Old Ironstuds

The Sea Blade

Rising Tide


Like Rising Tide the best; but Ironstuds is the most clever.  Rising Tide just sounds ominous.  If Guardian of the Realm was something other than "Guardian"...would have had that...but seeing as I don't think a pirate ship would ever guard the realm.. couldn't put that one in. 

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Also, didn't someone post that their submission was "The Brick Bounty" just to bug TheOrcKing? xD

Yes, a couple did exactly that just to 'shiver my timbers'. Haha.


Sour grapes, but the USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides" started as a pirate ship hunter before it kicked butt in the war of 1812.

True the name would seem to be a better fit for an Imperial Armada naval vessel but you have to admit it is a clever pun.


It's not my thing, but I think requiring a minimum numbers of votes is strange. 4 being the maximum implies that anything up to that number is acceptable ;)

Having the maximum and minimum requisite the same hasn't been done often I know but like the contest itself, I was just trying something a tad different than everyone else. I'm more used to similar things asking a person to make a certain number of choices between everything given as on option.


I would like to vote but I don't want to "have" to vote for 4 names if I don't like 4 names, is this negotiable? :)

If out of a complete list with 20 entries you can only find one that you like then by all means just vote for that.
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Lol, why is anyone worrying about the names so much? This is a silly "name a fake LEGO ship" contest, not a historically accurate research project.

If you like a name, vote for it. It doesn't seem like there should be lobbying for or against certain choices regardless of your thoughts on it.

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I think I'm pretty much out of it.  I'm only 7 votes back, in 5th place, but I can't see myself making up the ground.

You never know. You could get very close to winning. There is still two days left for voting and anything can happen in those two days.

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