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    Lego Investment Targets for 2014: Ninjago

    Next up in my list of sets I am looking to horde this year, I am  going to go through the Ninjago line and pick out the best sets. In reality, this shouldn't be extremely hard since the theme itself has over 40% lifetime CAGR. Almost every set from the first line of these has been a winner - really almost every set that has retired has been a winner. However, I am going to try to narrow down the obvious winners and, for myself, see if I can hone in on the obvious winners. I will mention this a couple of time, but you have to remember with these sets: They are most likely NOT going to see the growth the first line did - doubling within a very short period of time. However, they are going to still do well and should definitely be a great addition to your investment portfolio.

    9450 Epic Dragon Battle
    61GB0b0dEoL Level: High What is there not to like about this set? There is a giant 4-headed dragon (usually we talk about 3-headed dragons in stories so here we get one for free), a giant snake, a shrine, and 7 absolutely superb minifigures. There are not a ton of sets with the playability and overall presentation this set brings. The minifigures themselves are great - a few ninjas, Acidicus and Skalidor who are giant snake-like creatures, the Garmatron with somewhere near a billion weapons in his hands, Sensei Wu, and Chokun with a golden mace. I love that they are all different colors as well - just really makes the set stand out with the big white dragon, brown shrine, and green snake (devourer). I have been a little bullish in the past on this set because of a couple of reasons, however. If you have paid attention to the BP price, this set had gotten down around $70 before Christmas. I didn't understand how such a popular set was seeing this. In reality, it is the giant retailers fault: for some reason a bunch of them have chosen this set to basically firesale with TRU leading the storm with that killer $59 deal. However, during Christmas this set sold out and almost got back up to retail, which really renewed my thoughts on it. I actually also had a big scare - I parted out a few of mine thinking it was going to be around for another year and I could get good deals. Then it just disappeared everywhere and I was just hoping it wouldn't retire with my stock depleted. Will we have the same deals next year? I don't know - but don't get left out in the cold without any of these. Target Price: <80$ Target Sale Price: $225

    9449 Ultra-Sonic Raider
    A1MI-MELvOL._SL1500_ Level: medium Another super set, but one that has been around a long while and has not shown sines of retiring yet. At the same time, this set has got some serious stuff to offer so I still think it will be a nice investment winner. First off, like a lot of Ninjago sets, the minifigures are just brilliant. This ones worst figure is Spitta, which is a lizard-like figure that comes with a mace. The rest are incredible: all 4 ninjas with more weapons than you can ever imagine and Pythor, which sells for near 20$ on Ebay still. Then the raider itself has weapons all over it that come off. The raider moves and transforms around as well as having the cool tracked wheels. There just is not anything this set doesn't have and I cannot imagine children wont want this for years to come. The downside again is the length of time this set has been out. And with this not being tied to a license, Lego can keep it around forever. However, with tons of Ninjago sets coming out in January and more later this year, I think it will be the next one to go for sure. Do not go crazy on the set, but make sure your portfolio has a small stash. Target Price: $55 Target Sale Price: $120

    70505 Golden Dragon
    91JJl516iXL._SL1500_ Level: Medium I think it has been obvious in the Ninjago line that Dragons dominate and I do not think this one is going to be am exception. So why do I have it as "Medium"? Well, for one, its probably here for more than just one more year. Normally I would not even target a set unless I think its gone in a year or so. However, I want to build a stash of these because there is pretty much no chance this set is not a winner. 3 Figures is about standard for a 30$ set, but with the added incredible Golden Dragon and the fact that Lloyd matches in his golden attire really puts this set over the top for me. The Dragon itself is really big as well. One of my buddies is in the Dragon/Ninja type stuff and has a lot of it in his office at work. He came over one day while I was working on my Lego inventory for Ebay. He saw the Golden Dragon and had to have it (with no figures). When I told him $15 he couldn't believe it. The set just looks like it should be more expensive after you build it! As great as this set is, do not expect the 40 and 50% CAGR some of the first dragon lines got. Ninjago was way under the radar there so this is not going to come to those heights being hoarded by people like me. However, it should see excellent gains for a mid-level set and will not disappoint. Target Price: $22.50 Target Sale Price: $75.00

    70505 Temple of Light
    0067341919034_500X500 Level: Medium When I first saw this set I was not completely overwhelmed - definitely not like when I saw the Epic Dragon battle. However, after seeing this set a couple of times built, it really has a lot to offer. The set has good minifigures- not as good as the others mentioned here, but good enough - a giant gold Mech and the temple itself which is well built and comes with a ton of weapons as it should. The mech really is the best part of the set display-wise and it really  draws people to it until they notice how cool the temple is. Unfortunately the temple by itself just does not really stand out. Normally, this would be a "low" for me, but I do recognize how much children I have talked to seem to like this set. Also, the last temple set from the Ninjago line is one we would all love to have another shot at (The Fire Temple 2507). I do not think, and really guarantee, that this one will do as well, but I have been able to snag a few of these at really good discounts and I think that this set will at least allow you to double your money with ease. Target Price: 50$ Target Sale Price: $120  

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