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Investment/bundling advice


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Hi folks...new to investing and need a little advice. So, I ran across what I thought was a pretty good deal on a City Helicopter Arrest (60009) set at TRU for around $35. Considering it has 5 minifigs, a dog, 3 vehicles and a building I thought that was a solid buy (even though I normally shy away from City). I knew I would have to hold it long to see any potential gains so in the meantime, I'm wondering what might be good sets to pick up (at discounts, of course) to bundle with it when I do go to sell.


My thoughts:


1) 60009 seems like a natural sister set with Museum Break In - 60008 (which is discounted a few places now) but do I really need another helicopter? Also, this seems like the same size and price point (roughly) set as 60009. This set also shows negative CAGR pressure right now.


2) High Speed Chase (60007) might be a good companion as well....it's also at a lower price point. 60007 is showing positive CAGR pressure


3) Police ATV (60006) is in the series but features the criminal getting away with a wheelbarrow. Yawn. Positive CAGR results here as well, but it starts as a $7 set...Yawn again.


My question is which do you think is best from a bundling perspective? Should I get all of them and hope for a "whole set collector"? Would I be better off to just hold 60008? 


I appreciate your thoughts.

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Great find on the 60009.  At that price, it is definitely a good investment.  If I were you, I would just keep that and sell it as one set instead of bundling with other sets.  I would get the sets that you mentioned IF you can find them at a hefty discount.


The reason that I would not bundle is because when people buy more, they expect deals.  It will take longer to sell two large sets together than separately.  However, this is completely up to you.  Whenever someone asks a question here on Brickpicker, they should take everyones answer with a grain of salt, but not base their portfolio on what everyone said.


When I made my first post, (you can probably search for "Experience Needed" in the forums and find it,) I asked everyone if the thought I should invest in the Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade, or Tower Bridge.  Everyone told me not to invest in the Fire Brigade, and guess what?  That set has experienced the most gains of the three.


Anyway, if it were me, than I would buy more of the 60009 and part them out.  At that price, you should be able to make a decent amount.  I am expecting Museum Break In to do well.  That would be a good investment at a discount.

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In general bundling doesn't get you more money overall, it just lets you save on the number of transactions (time) and fees/shipping costs. So for me if I ever bundle sets its to move smaller sets I'd rather not have to list individually or to pair a retired set that's a slow mover with a newer faster selling set. But absent those factors I probably wouldn't recommend bundling.

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Good advice...I guess I never considered parting this out since I usually look at the minifigs as the real winners in any set and these seemed pretty generic (except for the dog, maybe).


...and thanks for the bundling tip! That makes perfect sense.


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