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Best place for after Xmas sales?

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I am curious as to where you long-timers think the best place will be the day after Christmas for sales. I live in a small market area with just one Target, two Walmarts, and a crappy low end Toys R Us (and a Kmart that ALWAYS seems to have stuff on clearance or BOGO offers). My Walmarts must have a pretty good sell through rate because I never see anything on clearance in them. Anybody have thoughts or suggestions based on previous experience? Thanks!

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I have also gotten the impression over the last couple months that were a lot of retail type places that had

huge sales on LEGO after Christmas. Will no one come forward and help with this question? Won't somebody

please think of the children? Lol.

Supply. Demand. Inventory. Too much inventory. There is nothing set in stone as of yet I believe. A lot depends on what sets don't sell or which sets are getting cleared out for new inventory. There are a ton of new themes coming into stores, so the old ones have to disappear. You will see deals. It seems like they all like to price match and compete on most sets. Basically, you have to scan our site several times a day a look for members that have posted deals or watch what we post on the various discounts. Finding deals is work....sometimes. ;-)
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Yeah, pretty much if there is anything leftover from this year they (hopefully) will go on clearance or atleast on sale. Clearance is supposed to be where you pay only around 5-10% above cost (what the store payed for the item originally) but I haven't seen that in a dog's age.

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