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One thing I've noticed about the holidays

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And this is pretty obvious to those who have been out and about quite a bit the last few weeks, but the holidays have really cleared out a lot of the stragglers in the Lego aisle. There used to be remnants of Atlantis, Alien Invasion, PotC, '11/'12 Creator, Harry Potter, etc. left in the Walmarts, Targets, and TRUs of the world, but the holidays have pretty much cleared all that out. Those last sets you were trying to pick up cheap when they went on sale are pretty much all gone. I was even at my local Barnes and Noble yesterday looking for a book and the Lego was pretty much cleared out there as well. 2 weeks ago, they were stuffed with it. Bottom line, if you saw something you had your eye on and it's pretty much done being made, get it before someone else does.

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