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Question on Walmart Pricing

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Good morning folks,

My question related to wal-mart pricing.  If  brick and mortar store has sets labeled and tagged as clearance with a reduced price but none or limited in stock, will that price apply to sets that are purchased site to store once I pick them up?   Meaning that once they scan the site to store tag will they automatically adjust the price down on the newly received sets.  I have a wal-mart that has the Grand Emporium at clearance for 99 each and I would like to get a few more but not sure how this works.  I had this kind of price adjustment on captain americas that were in stock and I ordered online at full price and they then adjusted automatically to the clearance price when I picked them up.  This is a different situation though.

Thanks for the input


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So, I can purchase five online, return them to the B&M store and wait for them to hit the aisle for a reduced price? Sounds too good to be true somehow.

That's generally how it works. Some stores may salvage out online items that get returned, but none that I've run across. If your morals allow for you to do that than have at it.

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