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Gotta love a bargain!

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So I purchased a bulk lot yesterday for a school holiday activity I'm running - mainly for the random mix of bricks and bits which can be hard to replicate piece by piece. The photos of the listing were terrible but I took a punt. Happy with the contents at initial glance - a stack of knights kingdom stuff (including 2 castles) and spotted a few indications of spiderman which turned out to be doc ocks hideout. Probably worth four times what I paid on those bits alone ! Further digging last night revealed fire and police stations, a very cool rescue helicopter plus more smallish city sets, exo force and a tiny bit of star wars just in the bulk lot. Pretty happy with that, BUT, here is the clincher ... when I arrived to pick up my bulk lot, I was offered a big container of Harry Potter LEGO for $100. The seller mentioned Hogwarts Express and Durmstrangs ship, and I can see a stack of figs indicating lots more so I figured on that alone I'm happy to pull the trigger. After going through instructions and figs that were chucked in one of the boxes I have well over $1200 worth of HP in that box !!!! Escape from Merpeople, Knight Bus, Shrieking shack, Gringotts Bank, troll on the loose, Hagrid's Hutt, forbidden corridor, graveyard duel, two HP castles, Harry and Hungarian Horn tail plus more. I'm not going to sell it anyway - I've decided its a nice way to start a HP collection (better watch the movies at some point) AND it's really nice to be able to justify my purchase so unequivocally with Hubby - you know you've done well when he ( as a tolerant non-AFOL) is rummaging through the bags and boxes picking out figures in exclamation ! Ahh the bliss of a bargain.

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