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3677 - Red Cargo Train

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LEGO City Special Edition Red Cargo Train (3677) ONLY $129.99


They also have the 8043 Technic Excavator that is also going EOL, so here is a chance to still get one before they are gone.

LEGO Technic Motorized Excavator (8043)


This is still at retail price of $199, but also a set that is sold out and going EOL on LEGO [email protected]




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Your right, when I looked earlier this morning it said it was sold out too, i was going to update the home page earlier to mark it as sold out. I removed that part of my post. It still is a good price though. I guess they are working on making changes for their special tomorrow.

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I would love to have this set. Seems like it would have a great turn around at some point, most train sets seem to, but I would much rather have it to build of course! seems like an awesome build, I'd have a problem keeping them in mint.

That's why you buy more than one. I couldn't pass up the offer, so I picked up two last week before it sold out. Great deal, plus 10% off, free shipping and free holiday set. I might keep one of these for when the boys get a bit older.


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Yesterday, I rebuilt the 3677 Red Cargo Train. Really love this trainset. My son cannot wait to see it run.

Unfortunately, to my unpleasant surprise, I found out that I forgot to take out the batteries from the batterybox of the locomotive. The batteries were there for 3 years and were all burst and had leaked fluid.

I tried to clean the batteriebox but no luck. It is dead.

Now I want to buy a new batterybox. Can anyone confirm it is the power function below that I need?

- Lego 88000 Power Functions AAA Batterybox  


Thanks in advance.

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Yup and it´s a lot lighter. I paid 50 for mine IIRC and it is great for Technic too due to lower weight. Make sure to get a charging power supply off Ali Express too. Lego one is eye wateringly expensive.

The cheapest way is still to use normal rechargeable AA batteries, though.

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