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7894 Airport loose parts in box?


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Hi there,


I received a new old stock 7894 airport today (paid what I think was the 2006 German retail price). The left box flap was torn and so I decided to open the box to check its contents for completeness. It looks complete to me, but there are some loose parts in the box besides wings and baseplates, mostly top and bottom parts of the fuselage and some of the curved bluish terminal windows. Nose and tail are still in a bag.

In ? LEGO 7894 CITY AIRPORT - YouTube you can see these parts in two separate bags. Has anyone here ever opened a sealed box of this set (sacrilege!) and found a similar assortment of loose parts? Or can anybody tell me exactly what's supposed to be in these 2 bags and/or loose in the box? I found the following (besides 6 numbered bags and one unnumbered bag containing nose/tail):


2 dark bluish grey baseplates 16x16

1 dark bluish grey old style 16 technic beam 

1 light bluish grey plate 6x16

1 light bluish grey wing section (~50 knobs wide)

3 light bluish grey fuselage bottom parts

2 white fuselage top parts

1 white fuselage top part for door cut-out

3 trans-blue curved terminal windows (6 knobs wide, another one is in one of the bags)

1 trans-blue jetway roof 6x8


1 sticker sheet

2 manuals 


any help is appreciated,








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