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When did Target.com start using the high markup TRU pricing model?

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For the last week, I noticed that target.com raised the price on some higher end sets. Higher than MSRP. I know that Walmart sometimes lists sets from other sellers but target,com doesn't, right?

10188 was $429 5 mins ago but just dropped (hence the temp price cut in red). The LR train also just dropped from $129.99. 10220 (VW van) is listed at $179.99. 10224 (town hall) is $199.99

Here are some prices.


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10188 had the higher price... Some popular sets without retirement tags on lego.com have higher than usual prices on target.com. Hmmmm.

Maybe it is because of the holidays. A lot of retailers jack up prices around the holidays to make more money. My guess is that it is a temporary thing and that it will go back to normal sometime after Christmas.

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They started jacking the prices in store as well. Just came from Target and prices were as high as Toys R Us. So, if they don't bother to clearance out the old sets and instead jack prices up, then distribution of the newer sets will begin to slow down and sets will become harder to find. 

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