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Shipping LEGO boxes

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I recently joined Brick Picker and really like the site.  I started investing in LEGOs about 4 years ago and have really started to see my investment grow.  I have sold only a few of my sets on eBay but I am planning on getting rid of more once certain sets hit the price point I want them to.


What I'm needing help on is this -- Where do you find boxes that work for to ship your LEGO sets?  As I have been storing and organizing my sets I have noticed that all sets, for the most part, come in a certain size box.  It makes no difference what theme it is.  I find it hard to believe that there is not a manufacturer out there that hasn't come up with boxes to ship these different sizes.  I have seen that some older priority boxes will work for smaller sets; however, it almost impossible to find a box that will fit the larger sets.  Please let me know what you guys are using to ship all the different size boxes out there for LEGO.  I look forward to your help!

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The advantage of staples is you can get free shipping with a reasonable purchase price. The disadvantage of staples they only have a few box sizes that work well. The advantage of ULINE is that they have a large range of different size boxes but they charge for shipping which means for certain box sizes staples is actually cheaper.

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Staples online is better as free shipping over $60, and Staples has mostly all the boxes that uline.com has.

1-24x4x16   Helm's Deep, VC, Black Pearl are sets that are this size


1-20x4x16-Volkswagen camper,Olivia's House, Sonic Raider and all sets the size of these sets,   So the only thing you have to buy bundles of 20-25 at Staples and uline.

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I found this thread to be very helpful with deciding where to buy from and which sizes were best a few months back. 




There is some great advice from experienced sellers and the chart posted by LegoManiacc on the 3rd comment comes in very handy for a quick reference on box sizes of different sets.  Brickset is a good reference for the box dimensions of each set as well.  I ended up ordering 4 different sizes from Staples.com.  I have been ordering from amazon too lately because you can't beat the free 2 day shipping with amazon prime.  The quality has been the same as staples, though their box sizes are somewhat limited though.

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.....just come back from Staples store...they got good deal on shipping stuff....10off spend $30.00 ordered 4 bundles of boxes size (see above 20x16x4 24x16x4) for medium and large sets...regular price 38-39+ each bundle of 25...with discount and free shipping 32.50 each. Great price.

link here for CPN


valid Dec 01 - Dec 07

$10 OFF your $30 purchase

Retailer Product Code: 60121

Discount applies to mailing boxes, Bubble Wrap

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