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Need help: Buying Legos in Europe -

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I have a friend going overseas to Europe next month, and I was hoping to have him snag me a few sets (Namely the Star Wars Planets Series 4) - 


Can anyone from the region let me know what are a couple of the easiest/best stores for him to look?


They will be in:


Vienna, Austria

Bratislava, Slovakia

Budapest, Hungary


In addition, other than the SW: Planets, are there any other regional exclusives I might be interested in having?


Thanks in advance!




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I was just in Germany, obvious answer is the Lego store if there is one nearby. I really didn't see anything too exclusive outside of those Series 4 planet sets. Pretty much any retailer who carries Lego is a possibility. They even had them in the airport in Amsterdam (a little pricey at 14.95 euro).

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Does not appear to be "LEGO" brand stores in Hungary and Slovakia, can you suggest chain stores or places convenient to look for a tourist?

The last time I was in Hungary as a tourist is about 15 years ago.. I can remember there was an ampty store with Lego logos all over it.. :) So I cannot really help you.. 


But maybe you heard about a great new website, that can help you... ;) 





The first results:





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I have to admit my knowledge of the Lego market in the former Habsburg empire is fairly limited, if not nonexistent, but often the cheapest place to buy lego in Europe is online. And specifically Amazon. Amazon Germany currently sells the planet series 4 for

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