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Where to sell my sons lego collection?

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Good morning! My son is wanting to get rid of his lego collection! We have over 110 pounds of lego pieces from the last 15 years. He was in to Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets for a while as well as Technics, bionicles, and lego racers. We have a bunch of the little men (minifigs) I don't know where to begin. I want to get a fair price but not even sure what that is these days. Can someone give me advice of where to start etc.....? Thanks in advance! Karen

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Hi Karen, have you taken a look at our Bulk Lego price guide page, You can slide the bar up to 100-110lbs, you can even filter it by some of the themes and color. I took a quick look and see some eBay auctions in that weight range went for around $800. It all depends what type of sets are in there and what minifigs you have. A good idea would be to take some photos and post them here on the forum, or you can email to me to post and we will all help you get an idea. You can email me at jeff [@] brickpicker.com

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you could try to rebuild these sets if you have the manuals (you also can find these manuals online for free) - you will get more money selling them separate as a complete set and the left overs sell them in a bulk - i would go with ebay (the easiest one in my opinion) or you could try craigslist post some pictures of what you have i bet some members of this site would be interested in buying them good luck

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