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Any polybaggers around here?  

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  1. 1. Are you a polybag collector?

    • I am a serious polybag collector and must have at least one for my personal collection.
    • I am a casual polybag collector and only buy what I like.
    • I do not collect polybags.
  2. 2. Do you invest in polybags?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends

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I guess Lego came to the conclusion that the princess mini towers really deserved just a bag. f9d0c9804bad1f7b3cf9fc2ad5c39f23.jpg
City is still uninspired, but the other lines are pretty nice. MC seems rather generous. 90edf61a6d503eb775872c862fdabaf8.jpg8260a528dad184645bc2a17efd80997f.jpg0c5aafd8f758eec6d4dde5ab823fdae0.jpg49d62ef2855721fbcae0ca54def70428.jpg6b05d367515f202b3217c6ce019f44d9.jpgb63a6cefb8037d0c4c27e42f0258332a.jpg4f4f1a6810c6780a60c78aaa4d3d2814.jpg7b36a80ade3635c5379a4981dc9e72f9.jpgd204a19d5f9754d7caadacbfa24f23d4.jpg

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Posted (edited)


Found 30463 Hidden Side Chef Enzo's Haunted Hotdogs and 30555 Trolls Poppy's Carriage on 70% post-Easter clearance - $1.49 (the other Easter polys, such as the SW X-wing had all long since been cleaned out)

Also saw the previously reported 30369 Beach Buggy for full RRP ($4.99). 

Don't know if this one has already been reported in the wild:

30453 Captain Marvel and Nick Fury






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Posted (edited)
19 minutes ago, jeff_14 said:

That one has been very common in Canadian wal-marts for months

Thanks - shows how much I have been out of the loop. 30463 on the other hand seems to be very rare - 0 available and less than 5 sold in the US on BL, and only a few listed on EBay. No Amazon listing.

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On 6/27/2020 at 7:50 PM, exciter1 said:

Found at Target - $3.99


Does it fit on the lego rails?

Might stock up on these

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