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What current sets are best $ makers to part out?

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This is more dedicated to those who buy sets for the purpose of parting out and reselling for profit.


What sets do you feel bring in the best return? what is a typical return of parting out? 10%? 20%? 


im running out of capital and i do not want to sell off any of my retired sets yet but need to start making some money to get some more tower bridge and super star destroyer


any suggestions is greatly appreciated 

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I believe the R2D2 set is pretty efficient - it was in a review that I believe FCBarcelona did on it. It could have been someone else.


I think Vampyre Castle can be pretty good because of thee minifigs. Lukes land speeder was, but its small profits - like 4-5 bucks.

hey 4-5$ is still a 25% ROI which is fine by me. When you part out does it move quickly? (with the 5$ profit margin) or will you be sitting on it for a week?

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Like are people like this making money? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=171086474974&pt=Building_Toys_US&hash=item27d58c6ede&_ssn=legoprego-us&rt=nc


i was browsing ebay and came across this seller and just had to ask myself how much money does he make? is this his day job?


Yeah I am not sure. I know it is a lot of work so he better be. I can't do it. I hate managing listings. I honestly only like buying expensive sets because I have to sell less later.

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