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Question about selling

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I'm wanting to sell my legos that i have does anyone have a good site to sell them at? i already use brickset forums but seem to not find anyone interested. any help would be nice thanks

Some sites you could sell them at include eBay and Bricklink. eBay has more fees, but they also have more members than Bricklink. Bricklink is cheaper, but it is a little more outdated as far as the website goes. A new feature on here called the Brick Classifieds will be launched sometime and you could sell your LEGO on there.

EDIT: Looks like FcB and Quacs beat me to it! :D

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eBay - Lots of traffic, lots of buyers, great place to start out, 11.25% fees.

Amazon - Lots of traffic, more buyers, more experienced seller, lots of fees.

BrickLink - LEGO friendly, more friendly atmosphere, low fees, nice place to start


Brick Classifieds on BrickPicker - Very nice atmosphere, once it starts up, everyone starts out fresh, so there is no reason why people would disregard your store based on your feedback. If you like the site, disregard everything above. SUPER LOW FEES. Need I say more?


EDIT: FCB, Quacs, and Darth LEGO type too fast...

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I think Ebay is the easiest for the inexperienced person. You can also try Craigslist.

CL is hard to sell at because it has little traffic, and you only hit the locals. I've seen people advertise their eBay listing on CL, but listing an actual item to sell, you have to be willing to list for a long time.

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