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Retail (S&H) vs Discounts

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Hopefully, this is the right area to post this and I'm sure it's been discussed before.  I quickly glanced through the topics and didn't see it but may have missed it. 


There is a lot of good information on here about buying at discounts (Walmart and Target deals) vs retail prices on S&****.  At first glance it seems like a no-brainer, but in some cases it may make more sense to buy from S&**** when you factor in the VIP points and the exclusives you get for that month.  I'm assuming free shipping at S&**** as well.  What I mean by exclusives is the value they have on say eBay.  Last month, early Jorel was routinely going for $15-$20.  If you factor the exclusive return in with the VIP points, you may find it's cheaper or at least close to the same price.  Is that something you all look at as well, or am I missing something here?





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