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New marketplace Brick Owl

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Hey guys, just found Brick Owl this morning! 




I for one love it when new sites open up to sell Legos on! It helps keep fee levels down at other sites. Anyone seen this site/used it/thinking about using it? 


I just registered an account and may try it out, especially with the no fee offer through the end of the year!

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oops, I did a forum search for Brick Owl separate, but didn't do it closed. Thats why I missed that..sorry. 

I do it all of the time.  I'm actually sure that quite a few of our posts are repeats... Thanks Moderators for tolerating our ineptitude to search  :sweat:

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Overall I think they did a great job.  It's a lot of work, so anyone that tries to tackle something like it earns my total respect.  Bricktrader will probably disappear.  There isn't enough there to gain much interest from the serious stores.

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I took a look at this place and everything is just really expensive.

Seems like the common trend with all these "new" lego sites popping up.  Bricktraders prices are horrible and so far I can get most items cheaper on Bricklink.

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