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Craigslist help...email related

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I am going on about a month without any of my craigslist emails getting any responses.  Does anyone have something on craigslist that I could try to reply to?  I am wondering if the sellers are even getting my emails or just being douches.  Most adds I respond to are around my area so I am not sure what is going on. 

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Probably you've just run into a thicket of ****** bags. It happens. I got so sick of unanswered emails, I only go after listings with phone numbers now.

But you should probably try responding to a BP member's listing, just to be sure.

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Unfortunately i have run into this quite often recently. My theory is if it is a good deal it gets snapped up within an hour or 2 of being listed an the seller just ends up ignoring any emails after the item is sold but is to lazy to remove the ad. I have better luck with listings that have a phone number.

A few weeks back there was a listing for 1st death star and imperial star destroyer for $200, I emailed guy twice and never heard back...very frustrating, but hopefully some one got a smoking deal.

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