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Has anyone ever had an issue where fed ex tracking says your shipment was delivered but you never received it?

I ordered 5 VW Campers from Walmart. They were delivered in 2 boxes, one with 3 campers and 1 with 2. There are two separate tracking numbers. Both say the boxes were delivered. Problem is I never got the box with the 2 campers. Going to be calling Fed Ex. Just wondering if anybody has had this issue before and, if so, what the outcome was.

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Guest ph4tb0i

never had this with FedEx but did happen to UPS once. They delivered to the wrong apartment unit and the person there signed for it. I got my money back though. :)

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I have had it a bunch of times. I used to do a lot of shipping into and out of an apartment. unfortunately in my case, it was thieves because I lived near a pretty bad part of town.


I had it happen with all three carriers. I put up a sign that said not to set stuff on my porch (leave it in the office). I lost 1 from all three carriers before this and they would do nothing.


Once I put the sign up, UPS and Fedex both stopped setting stuff on my porch although UPS did once but I got home before it got jacked. USPS never did anything - which is why they are about to go bankrupt. They are worthless.


Best idea is try to talk directly to the driver. Most of them are nice and they will remember whether they delivered it or not. Also I would talk to Walmart as well because a lot of times they will make good on tings like this.

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Yeah, I'd skip talking to fed ex altogether and go straight to walmart. All fed ex will tell you is the same thing the tracking number tells you, that it was delivered and their job is done. Pbbbbt.

Once, a package coming to me from ebay via usps was missing. Tracking said it was delivered. For three days the post office gave me the runaround. Then a neighbor from two blocks away shows up with it. When I went back to the post office to put a hold on my deliveries, my carrier was there. Her supervisor asked her about it right in front of me. My carrier says no, she put it on my porch, she remembers because she recognizes me. She definitely put it on my porch. I said, that's impossible, unless my neighbor stole it, took it home, then brought it back to me three days later without opening it. She says, no, I put it on your porch.

I couldn't believe my f*cking ears. If I was her supervisor I would have fired her on the spot.

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Walmart Site to store. If fedex do a pickup at a local kinkos. Take as many hands off the process as possible. UPS and target you are kinda stuck.


I watched the UPS guy stack up SIX boxes of helm's deep and walk them down the sidewalk, up 2 sets of stairs to drop them at my door. He didnt expect me to be home. Needless to say half of them were returned to target.


At least the walmart truckers have incentive to not beat up your stuff and if something is wrong they can handle it at pick-up, and fedex at kinkos means someone isnt going to steal your package.

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