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4473 - Police Helicopter


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This is the set that has most prompted me to join this forum because I can find absolutely zero information on it. It seems not to exist... except for the fact that I have one right in front of me! I spotted it advertised in a British Airways in-flight magazine on a flight from London to Toulouse. It was listed as a 'British Airways Exclusive', hinting it's unavailable elsewhere. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Has it been seen elsewhere? Is it really an exclusive? Perhaps I should try to get a couple more on my next BA flight (which happens to be Thursday!) Does it have a value beyond what I paid for it, I wonder?


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Other airline exlusives from the past seem to be more popular/better reviewed, but collectors will collect everything, so I think it has some value over MSRP.  Probably not enough to stockpile a bunch, but a few couldn't hurt.

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