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7597-1: Western Train Chase?

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I know this set is toystory... but it's also also a train, will the good outweigh the bad? I see it runs for around $75 on here. I have the chance to buy it for $55. Should I do it?

what is the condition and how many?

i did vote no because after typical seller fees and buyer paid shipping, you would make very little (even after holding it for years). I wouldn't pay more than $35-$40 which is hard since it's 1) retired, 2) sells for $70ish, and 3) while it's retail price was $79.99, I bet the majority of investor with these set (sealed), paid far less for it. hence, they can undercut you on price and find buyers before you do.)

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Thanks for all the input. There are three at Lehmans. I think I'll hold off.

Can you ask a mgr if they can discount? Then hold on to them for another 1-2 years.

Plus there might be another movie in the works...

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