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First 'real' online sale (only list on Amazon.ca) for me today too. Had some luck on kjijij and craigslist face-to-face before but interesting to finally do an e-transcation. Sold a couple Star Wars mini planets Series 1 sets to a buyer across the country. Once mailed out today these small items should hopefully help my feed back rating since it's sitting at ZERO for a new Amazon seller :) Fun/new hobby, good to learn something new everyday. What are other people's first sale online (Ebay, Amazon etc.)? Any difference on how you package/do fulfillment back than vs now for you experienced sellers?

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Nice! I only started investing last October or so, and have only attempted to sell the Zombie Car polybags. Figure I'm going to wait til Christmas to sell some of my stock. Have a few MAERSK trains ready to go!

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