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Just a dad with a selling a Falcon

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Gents, my mother-inlaw bought my boy a 10179 in 2009 as a gift to give him when he was older. He's now 10 and although old enough to tackle this monster ship, I believe the prudent thing to do is sell it.

It hasn't been taken out of the inner brown cardboard box it came in. Still sealed. It was ship in a box, within a box.

It does have a packing slip that states the item # 4495738, & description 10179 Ultimate Collector's.

The seal on the inner box also has addition info.

How do I go about estimating it's value?

Should I open the box to see the actual lego box inside or will that hurt the value?

I'm not sure if it is a first edition or not.

Can you help a dad out?

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Do Not Open!!! You will cost yourself hundreds by breaking the seals. You can take the box out of the cardboard shipping box, and if it's a 1st Edition it will say so on the box at the bottom left. If you're going to sell, take good pictures and make a good listing to ensure top price, which is over $3,000 right now.

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Don't OPEN! Sell for $2,500+ and buy your son a 7965 Millennium Falcon. It's easier, plus you save about $2400. Put it into his college fund or something. As Huskers1236 said, breaking it will decrease the value by hundreds. If it is mint/near mint condition, you can get probably around $3,000 if not more!

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Thanks guys. College fund is exactly my intent. Looks like I have a double seal. See photo. I don't know if it is a first addition or not but I'll be selling soon. Appreciate all the advice!

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