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This is how you ship a UCS set!

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I was very impressed with this auction. If this is someone on here, good for you. Maybe Amazon could take a lesson from this?

It does not matter how well it is packaged if the UPS/FedEx guy is having a bad day...

My point is that I purchased a Batman Arkham Asylum from ebay that was packaged equally as well, but it looks likt the UPS guy say on it.. Needless to say, the box was toast...

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I would one up that with my sales, I use thick bubble wrap, that thin stuff doesn't do too much, and I double box all my orders that are $250 and up. UPS and Fedex have to work pretty hard to mess up beneath that much protection.

I was just going to say this.......that thin bubble wrap would do absolutely nothing to protect a set that size. This seller has been selling a lot of shuttles lately and I don't recall but I think this is the seller that has had a few of them mysteriously reach 450+
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I really don't think that would protect the set that amazingly. I think putting paper over it, then finding a cardboard box from Lego that fits that set perfectly, then packing peanuts and another shipping box would do a lot better. I've shipped out some Haunted Houses like that and never had an issue.

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Yes I agree about those small bubble wrap, would not do anything for those GIANT SETS. I LOVE the BIG bubble wrap for those big sets. All you need is to wrap it in paper after the bubble wrap, and then if there's any gaps in the box fill it with brown paper. As long as the set sits in the box nice and tight and doesn't move you should be fine. Double box would definitely be better. Tape the hell out of the box on the outside. I would wrap the whole set with big bubble wrap and then tape the big bubble wrap on the sides also so the whole set is covered in bubble wrap. I treat my sold items as how I would want to see my sets arrive at my door step. Also more for the seller for big ticket items...INSURE, INSURE, INSURE, with signature confirmation. Can't have a big box like this sitting in front of someone's door step.

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