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I don't see a thread on Exclusive sets and Polybags. I am rather new to Lego collecting. I think Exclusives, being sold in one store only...may be better to collect as they would be harder to find for some people. but, I do not really know what sets are exclusives, or which store has them. I'd like you knowledgeable people to list the set #s and stores available. Thanks for the help.

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There really isn't a simple answer to your question; however, there are two different websites where you can generally get this info from, Brickset and Brickipedia. While your investing idea sounds good, a recent study Ed did (the bottom 50) shows that even 'exclusives' are not guaranteed investment winners. Now some are, just not every one of them. Also, any store exclusive can be brought at LEGO Shop-at-Home or in a LEGO Store, besides the store it is exclusive to.

If you wish to quickly see the exclusives for 2013, check out the "Sets of 2013 - What are you looking forward to?" thread.

You can scroll down through the list and easily see which ones are exclusives and to which store.

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You're welcome. I should mention the box sets on the list that are exclusives have been confirmed. The polybags on the other hand can pop up wherever and whenever they feel like it. For example, the "Batmobile" polybag that was a Target exclusive last year is now a Wal-Mart exclusive this year (for the moment). This does not always happen but sometimes the polybags do make their oddball roundtrips. Just saying to keep in mind when checking out the list that it's very difficult to confirm as to which store polybags are exclusive to because their availibility can change on a dime.

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