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75311 - Imperial Armored Marauder


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Oh, to finally get that little trooper carrier from the 80's in Lego form despite it not showing up in a movie or cartoon until Rebels. I remember playing with the one as a kid, jamming figures in those side slots so they could shot while being hauled to the objective.  Lego has improved upon it and is delivering us the Marauder from Mando season 2.  Will our little version survive the drop off the cliff? Do we have enough speeder bikes to recreate the chase scene?  I hope we get a speeder bike trooper builder pack this year.

It went on sale at the Lego Store on August 1st and I was able to order one.  Looking forward to building it because it is small in size thus able to integrate into my display space easier.  The Mortar Trooper is a new build reminding me of the GI Joe's from Kre-o a few years ago.

Plus, can we ever have enough versions of Carl Weathers?

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I just finished building this set.  If you are considering passing on it, I suggest you take a second look. It has so much going on. 

It has a turret at the back with stud shooters that swivels the turret and the gunner.

There are a pair of turrets on the sides that swivel on those little 2x2 2-part swivel pieces.

It has a large hatch on top exposing the interior. 

It has a small hatch that looks to scale with a figure to climb through but is not practical to use but it opens up. 

There are two side storage compartments with Empire marked removable boxes.

It has a pair of side doors for troops to use and they are split with a step folding down and the top 3/4 folding up. 

The driver compartment opens at the front with seating in tandem to keep the carrier narrow in scale.  

Pus, PLUS! 3 unique Stormtroopers with three different heads under those helmets and Greef with the grey goatee. Oh, one of them is the mortar variant with the yellow pauldron and a mortar.

Now to figure out where to squeeze it into my limited display space; maybe below a TIE fighter.

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