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75315 - Imperial Light Cruiser


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Moff Gideon's ship went on sale on August 1st.  At $159.99, its a gamble.  It is a nice size ship with some play features but for me, its the mini-figures of Fennec, the Moff and a Dark Trooper. that drove the decision.  Another Cara Dune and Mando with baby Yoda are great adds to recreate the final episode's battle but Disney authorizing the Cara Dune after the social media drama was a surprise. I assumed we would just get another Stormtrooper or Dark Trooper instead of her.

I fully expect yet another Red 5 X-Wing but with Jedi Knight Luke to complete the theme.

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I finished building this ship.  Play-wise, the interior is unfinished and sparse.  Not much area for a confrontation.  The ship lacks the bays that the DTs flew back inside on the final episode.  The opening at the front has a little device to launch a micro TIE fighter but it did not really work and the bay is not really large enough for a shuttle from an advent set.  There are two shallow bays on the sides (1 each) to store the TIE that might be wear Red 5 landed. The ship itself looks pretty cool, I'm waiting for the laser cutting plastic stand businesses on eBay to make a platform so I can display it near the Tantive IV.

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