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Good price for buying bricks in bulk?

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My wife and I have been putting all of our sets together lately and building a giant 5x10 foot city display. We still have about 6 sets or so to put together and then we are going to be building our own creations to fill in the gaps. I have been looking on eBay for bulk Lego listings. It looks like they are usually around $10/pound. It seems a bit expensive. Does anyone know what is a good per pound price for bulk Lego pieces?

Also does anyone know a good place to download instructions for custom buildings like the following ones?








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I usually will look for around $6-$7 per pound...

$10 is expensive unless they are amazing pieces. We are talking used right??

Yes, used pieces. They can be completely random or something like this (which happens to be around $11 per pound):


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Grey/grays are always the most expensive standard brick colors. Many people build vehicles and spacecraft with the grey/gray bricks. $10 a pound is common.

That does sound a little wierd for gray to be expensive, but considering how many projects use the color in large quantities it makes sense.

Now I'm wondering, what is the cheapest color of bricks? Would it be black? I base that on the fact that practically EVERY set uses a little black, one way or another. And that I have six BIG plastic drawers full of those pieces.

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Easy conversion. LB to KG is divide by 2 minus 10% Eg: 22lb 22/2 = 11 minus 10% is approx 11-1 = 10kg or the other way. 10kg - 10x2 = 20. 20 add 10% = 20 + 2 = 22lb For when you need to do it in your head. Of course it would be easier if everyone used metric :) Bulk loads in the UK tend to go from anywhere from

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hehe. The UK are 48 years and counting. And they use measurements no-one understands. And they have the brilliant idea of selling petrol in litres and measuring fuel economy in MPG. Do you know how complicated that calculation is? Oh, and M can mean mile and metre. So you get signs saying Manchester 58m and the toll booth ahead is 2.9m wide. So am I about about to get to Manchester in 2 seconds? And enter a very wide Toll Booth?? Anyway rant over :) Getting back to your question...converting it... :) So approx

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