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Question on selling Imperial Trading Post 6277-1 (incomplete, Australia based)

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Hi all, first time poster and new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place... 

I've recently pulled down a bunch of my LEGO sets from childhood as I've got a young child myself now, and thinking about selling some of the bigger sets which I understand are worth quite a bit of money now.

I've got a Skulls Eye Schooner (complete) and an Imperial Trading Post (6277-1), which is MOSTLY complete with the exception of one minifigure - the Imperial Guard Admiral (Admiral Woodhouse). 
I understand this is a rare part, so any advice on how this would effect resale value? One qualifying factor is that I DO have a Governor Broadside minifigure from the earlier Carribean clipper set, which is the same minifig with some colour differences on the torso and face. I could include this figure with the set, would this improve saleability at all, or better to sell seperate?

I'm based in Australia (Melbourne).

Any advice appreciated! I'm also tossing up whether just to keep these for my son to enjoy, but it's tempting to sell given their current worth...

Thanks in advance!

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