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SAH and paying with a paypal balance...

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There have been issues in the past with placing preorders through PayPal, and then when the set becomes available, there is a lag in the approval process time. I remember seeing a statement on the Lego site, but I havent tried to purchase via PayPal recently because of the previous issues I've had with delayed shipments due to extended processing times.

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1 hour ago, House Schubert said:

I can't seem to buy lego on SAH with my paypal balance... Does anyone know why/how I can?  Just trying to set my lego buying and selling apart from our personal checking account...so as to minimize discussions about my "habit" without opening another bank account.

the night the HP promo went live we were having some trouble with paypal...Somehow switching payment options to card and back to paypal seemed to work...Have you tried a pc as opposed to phone? Different browser? clearing all cookies for paypal and lego? etc??

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I had this same issue a week ago when I went to order Diagon Alley.  I tried everything you could think of, and waited hours hoping Lego would get the kinks worked out.  Then I tried to go through the credit card checkout, then pay via paypal and it worked.  It was baffling.  I still don't understand how Lego can't seem to run a website properly.

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