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30% off coupon at yoyo.com

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I wonder how much repeat business this site actually gets. I can't imagine anyone actually regularly buying Lego from them, the deals/selection aren't that good. Seems like they'll get a lot of traffic from the "teaser" 30% off deal and basically never see any of those buyers ever again. Hope they're not relying on Lego to carry the business, they've got to be eating a loss on each of those sales.

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removed and edited, so many things wrong with my comment, sigh.

There is indeed max of $20 discount for one-time-per-account 30% off YOYO30 code, if I didn't misunderstand the fine print again.

Tried to get the $20 discount on Hobbit Unexpected Gathering and it wasn't eligible for the discount. So, I tried the discount for the Ghost Train and it went through. $55 total w/ free shipping.

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So, the 30% coupon is done.

Now they offer "only" 20% on your first order with the code Spring20yy

That's pretty weak. 20% is still better than alot of places though, the problem is that the selection on yoyo isn't all that great.
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So I still haven't used my "First time buyer" 20% off for Yoyo.com and noticed they are now selling the Lone Ranger sets at MSRP...wondering if I should blow my wad on the Constitution train set and get it for 80 bucks plus free shipping?

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I had my eye on that one, I'd probably spring for one at that price. I never pulled the trigger since I have a lot of time to get it before retirement, possibly for less money too, but if you want it to build, go for it, 20% off with no tax and free shipping is a great deal. I really like YOYO, all my orders come well packed from them.

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