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Selling some old lego

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So.. we are virtually lockd down due to the covid-19 scare. Thus I have also some time to clean out the attic and there is some 70s and 80s lego there. So i put some up for sale, put have no idea what this realistically would be worth. So I figured I would ask if any of you can give an idea what I may expect to get for this stuff. It is generally rails and carriages. But there is also a Box of technical lego (somewehere...).

I will add some fotos. Any help is much appreciated

Best, Michael







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Hey spacefan,

Thanks. I have the box and instructions for the lamps, not for the rails. I was offered 10 euro for the lot 😃.

That seemed a bit too low to me. But then I do not need the jackpot.





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