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I noticed that 40337 -- Mini Gingerbread House -- has a new labeling scheme.

The plant/manufacturing code has 5 digits -- mine reads "140R9"

But what was interesting (troubling) is that there is a QR code and 6-digit number.  The two boxes I received from the brick and mortar store were consecutive numbers as well.

I'm not going to give away my numbers, but they were both between 1000 and 2000.  I see a listing on ebay right now with a picture showing a number in the 7000's.

The B&M stores likely only scan the UPC, but SAH could potentially track the serial number to the order and look carefully at ebay listings.

Not sure if this is the new norm yet -- the small boxes have typically gotten the stamped code since they do not have the printed seals.


Pro: Gives us sellers a little extra tracking information in case a buyer tries to exchange a different set than the one sent.  Buyers are less likely to try to pull this off if you tell them you record the serial number.

Pro: Gives us investors a way to figure out roughly how many sets LEGO is producing (including how many per run).

Con: If LEGO wanted to record the serial number and you forget to blur it out in a listing, they could potentially trace it back to your SAH account.

Con: If you sold your set to a potential investor and they listed it (and forgot to blur it) -- they could still link it back to you.


I'm not sure why LEGO would want to add serial numbers, but it seems likely for some type of tracking.

It could also be benign for resellers -- maybe this is a defense system to slow knockoff counterfeiting.



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Just bought a couple of speed champions sets at Target. One 75890 has the manufacturing code 643R9. The six digit number after is 038xxx. There was also some 943R9. And a ?39R9 with a number 0002??.  200 seems pretty low but maybe it was one of the first batches on this new system. 
So, the new manufacturing code seems to keep the original style and adds a digit on the front. 
From the same factory, I got a 75891 with the older stamped style code of 45R9. So it looks like they are gradually moving over to the new style — probably multiple boxing lines and some have been upgraded. 

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