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"Harley freakin Quin" (upcoming Birds of Prey Movie)

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So if Marvel can be seen as taking the "High Road"...it looks like DC is taking... the "low"

and by "low" I mean grittier, sexier, and basically the R-rated route: I applauds DC for flipping the conversation on super hero movies (clue...it's always been about the villians)


Anyway...it's a LEGO club so...what's the over on the HQ mf in Apocalspburg?


"Woooooh!...Who's having a good time!" (Ewan Mcgreggor's character doing his best Pacino/Nick Cage impression as a gangster)

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1 hour ago, CosmicSpeed said:

As someone who has no idea why this character is popular, any cliff notes? Im just not really into super hero stuff and the popularity behind her is baffling to me.

see above

1 hour ago, keymomachine said:

Woah, going for upwards of $40 right now... I may have to part with her, as like Cosmic Speed, I just don't get the appeal.

I would hold until EOL, which should be soon since all other TLM2 sets are retiring...I am still hoping for a Black Friday deal on the set.

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