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Sealed 42077 Rally Car - All White (Box Error or True Color Variation)

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I got this technic set at a local retailer because I have never seen an all white 42077 Rally Car.  I think it is a box printing error but wanted to see anyone had more information on this.  It looks like the printer ran out of blue when looking at it from the back.  On the back it looks the normal but the buggy front is white but it fades to blue.  I did notice the number under UPC was different than the other normal blue box rally car at the store.  Really wished the box was in better shape but it is what it is.

Can someone weight their sealed 42077 set.  I am wondering if the weights are similar. 

Many thanks for any info on this.


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Sorry I was getting this error when I tried to post so I thought it was not going though.  I am trying to fix the issue but a moderator would need to remove the duplicates.  

Not trying to spam the forum.


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Double posting happens in the system from time to time. Nothing that can't be handled or to worry about. (And just happened to me with this post.)

Moving along, an interesting find you have here. I've seen misspells and misprints but not quite a miscolor due to a lack of ink though I suppose it may happen more than one would think. From the overall hue (or lack thereof) of the scenery behind the vehicle to the seats inside, you can tell the printer flat out ran dry of all blue. I guess the back of the box which actually has some blue was the last bit before running empty. I'm somewhat surprised nobody noticed how blaring white the ride is but then again putting these boxes together has to be tenaciously tedious.

With that said, the mostly white with some red color scheme albeit simple does seem to look nice.

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