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Lego Model Team 5540-1 Question

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My mother had a Lego Model Team 5540 sitting in a closet for YEARS.  She gave it to my son today as a birthday gift.  It is brand new in the box, one side-seal is broken and there are some minor scrapes/rips on the box but, not on any of the pictures.  This isn't the light blue box but, the dark blue one with the flap that opens to reveal the inner plastic tray.

I'm trying to figure out what the value of this thing would be.  Based on the "Average" value, I see around $50, however, I've also seen numbers between $100-200 and there are some people selling them on ebay for $400-695 (which is nuts).

My son only cares about the value on this because he is saving up for a Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave set.  He's saved up $90 and if this set would sell at a high enough price to allow him to get the set he wants, he'd be all for it!  Otherwise, it will still be happily played with.  I'm just trying to figure out if the dark blue box has greater value, especially in this condition and what a fair price might be to ask for it.

Here is a link to some photos for reference:





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Very nice set.  It should sell between $200-$300 I would imagine.  Problem with these sets is that people need to have an emotional connection with it to pay top dollar.  I have paid top dollar for an old Galaxy Explorer and Yellow Castle and Technic Chassis set because I owned them 40 years ago and wanted to once again.  Price it fairly and it will sell.  

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