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70424 - Ghost Train Express

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Ugly thing, probably fun for kids with the app. 

But hey, got all the Lego trains, so must have one of these as well - for the right price (read: 40-60 percent off)

Interesting to see the ramp part on the track, reminds me the old Marklin set I once had.

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33 minutes ago, vincevaughn said:

I think it could look really good with some minor modification.....color scheme and basic shaping is good.....

I may get one and attempt to make it look like a sensible train....

But the question is how much of it can you modify and still kept the augmented reality features intact? It'd be pretty straight forward to add a battery box and engine with another car, but if that nerfs the app, then what's the point?

If the app is truly sticker based and not shaped based, then it's just a matter of waiting to apply stickers until after modification. I wonder if there's some solid value in those sticker sheets? We might see a rush of part out to sell stickers for MOCs. 

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On 2/23/2019 at 10:50 AM, Ed Mack said:

I like these sets and their hidden secrets and compartments.  I look forward to seeing them all.

I might be in the minority too, but I really like these sets. Not for the AR factor, but the sets themselves. The color schemes, the detail and they definitely look unique. 

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