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Question - Price discovery on Bricklink

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Newbie Here,

I've looked at the Bricklink marketplace and have a few questions regarding how pricing is determined.   Being in the US I notice that there are a lot of re-sellers in a wide variety of locations (Asia, Europe, Australia along with the US).  

Question...  In your brick stores, do you see most of your customers being local, your regional geographic area (Europe, North America, Asia), or is it random?  

Reason I ask is that I see many of the US sellers with slightly higher prices compared to Europe and Asian stores.  This is a generality, based upon the sets I looked up, not individual pieces.


Thanks for your feedback

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I get mostly USA buyers except for minifigures which I bet 25%+ go to the various Asian countries.

It's going to depend on the set, figure or piece for pricing.  Technic and some specialty items sell a lot cheaper in Europe vs. Friends, Elves and other misc sets which sell cheaper in the USA.  One thing you will find is you can buy stuff from other countries and have it shipped to the USA much cheaper then you can sell a similar sized item and ship to their country, our postal prices for export are crazy.

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