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10264 - Corner Garage

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this is a pretty cool MOC from two boxes: - more pictures at the website below https://www.promobricks.de/lego-10264-creator-expert-eckgarage-doppelpack-beleuchtung/74422

LEGO has now revealed 2019’s LEGO modular set following the success of this year’s Downtown Diner (10260). The LEGO Creator Expert Corner Garage (10264) is an impressive 3-level detailed build that co

This is a good looking set. Well designed. Even with all that sidewalk on the corner, they packed a lot into it. Not sure what my favorite detail is... the dude eating a cookie out of a bowl with

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22 hours ago, Huskers1236 said:

We need instructions for that.  That's amazing.

I suggest you get into touch with promobricks.de and they might help you .. I just saw this excellent submission on their website thus took the liberty to post here for other including the website link. I love the design. woohoo! 

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Hello all,

This thread seems to have died down some time ago, but I am wondering has anyone on here done a MOC of 10264 Corner Garage using two sets? The one I have my eyes on doing is the one done by Frank Boor. Unfortunately, there are no instructions available of the build, so the speed build is the only way right now to follow along to a certain degree.

It was also featured on Promo Bricks here (https://www.promobricks.de/lego-10264-creator-expert-eckgarage-doppelpack-beleuchtung/74422/).  


Any comments, feedback, etc are always welcome. Thank you in advance.

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