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Minecraft 2018

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7 new sets on US LEGO Shop at Home with Jan 1 release .  These look pretty cool.  We get our first "little" box minecraft sets here.  And FINALLY a chicken.

21138 - The Melon Farm - msrp $14.99 - 



21139 - The Nether Fight - $14.99



21140 - The Chicken Coop - $19.99



21141 - The Zombie Cave $19.99



21142 - The Polar Igloo - $29.99



21143 - The Nether Portal - $39.99



21144 - The Farm Cottage - $49.99


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There are some new areas from the game here to build and explore among some filler sets which are basically trimmed down spots from prior larger ones. Whatever exclusivity characters such as the Zombie Pigman, Farmer Villager, and Ghast had before will be gone. Anywho, spotting the new Stray (ice biome skeleton) minifigure is pretty cool along with the respective Polar Bears.

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