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When Do You Think Is A Good Time and Day To End an Auction For a Big Set on Ebay?

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I usually go for between 9:30 and 10:30 pacific time on Sunday nights. The only reason my wife picks Sunday nights for end time is so that she can get the majority of the shipping done on Monday and Tuesday. Anything international requires a bit more work sometimes and it's good to have the potential to access the post office within the shipping time you've promised. I think as long as you avoid really odd end times like 4 am you'll be ok, but remember, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere! It's actually amusing to watch...many of the things my wife sells are listed as Buy It Now. Friday and Saturday nights when women get home from clubbing at 3am or later they often buy a ton of the cosmetics and makeup that she sells....it's as if they see some other woman wearing the item and they have to have it, so they go find it on eBay...

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I always do 7 day auctions, so it will hit a weekend...to me the day it ends is more important in terms of when I'm shipping things. If I have 50 auctions I'd rather have them all end at around the same time on the same day so that I can do all of the shipping at once rather than spread out. I know someone who ends their auctions during the week and around lunchtime, the theory being that instead of working people will cruise the Internet and big on things at eBay. I think it probably depends on exactly what the product is as to the prime selling time.

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I personally don't like longer auctions because I get most of my traffic during the last couple days anyway. I think a lot of ebayers search "ending soonest" because they don't want to wait for something 7 days out. I always end in the evening at 6:00 Pacific at the earliest. This way it's not too late on the East Coast but late enough in California to get people at home if it's during the week.

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