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Winners of the Brickpicker Minifig Book Contest Announced

Jeff Mack

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Today we are announcing the winners of the Brickpicker Minifigure Book Photo Contest.  Now that we have two books out there in the wild I can say that it is not easy.  Ed has a few months of sleepless nights and or nightmares and I become a stalker looking to get permission to use photos in books or I pretend I am a photographer and take a few thousand photos hoping one is good enough.  With that being said, I have to say that the first book was super exciting mostly because it was our first book but the second book was a lot more fun.  For one thing, we knew what to expect overall, but it was a lot more fun because we got to deal with and see what type of photos the public came up with. 

The first time I saw the photo below, I was in tears and laughed for a long time.  I loved it.  I knew we were in for a fun ride.


So many people were helpful, giving and just fun to deal with.  That we appreciate more than anything.  Some really invested an immense amount of time and that we are humbled by and grateful for.  At this time I would like to announce the Grand Prize winner chosen by Ed and myself. The winner is Markos Chouris from Australia. The amount of time he spent taking thousands of photos for us was truly amazing.  He contacted me very early on and offered to help take a ton of photos of many of minifigures you see in the price guide part of the books.  The sad part is that we unfortunately could not fit all the figures from our original list into the book. A few of Markos' fun shot were also able to make their way into the book as well.  Thank you Markos for your help and dedication to helping to make the book great.  You are the Grand Prize winner of a $500 gift card to Amazon or LEGO.

Below is a list of the other winners that were chosen by the publisher and will split up the remaining $1000 of gift cards. 

  • Durand Family (Anna, Geneva, Isaiah, and Josiah Durand):  (note: $200 gift card will be given to the four of you, thank you all for your submissions)

  • Heriberto Perez Acebo

  • Fabio Broggi

  • Charles Chang

  • Tony De Marzio

  • Daniel Flanagan

  • Brandon Isensee

  • Stephen O’Mahony

  • Anthony Varos

As a special note all participants whether you are in this list or not will receive a copy of the book from the publisher. I know I have a lot of the information from all of your for your photo releases, but if you are reading this, please contact me via PM or email ([email protected]) and type of your address so that I can give to the publisher (some are very hard to read).  For the winners above, please let us know whether you want an Amazon or LEGO gift card when you write me.  I will also try to reach out to all of you as well to make sure you are aware. All gift cards will be in USD($).

Thank you again to all of you and hope that you had a great time taking the photos.
Jeff & Ed


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Guest brickcrazyhouse

Can members now post their pics that did not make it into the book?  Say Markos has book in hand and knows certain pics didn't make the cut.  Can he then post those?


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1 hour ago, brickcrazyhouse said:

Can members now post their pics that did not make it into the book?  Say Markos has book in hand and knows certain pics didn't make the cut.  Can he then post those?



1 hour ago, jaisonline said:

if @Jeff Mack and @Ed Mackallow, i'll post a couple of my pics that weren't used.


We will check with the publisher first if that is ok?

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Congrats to Markos! I thought, by far, he had the nicest pictures in the book, but I certainly wasn't aware that he took thousands of other photos as well. Kudos for everyone involved! The book turned out great and I'm glad to have been a part of it.

I believe my brother is wondering about posting some pictures (that weren't included in the book) elsewhere—On his website, I believe—so I'm glad others have already asked about that. I imagine anything commercial (IE: Putting any entered photos in another book) would be understandably out of line. 

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Well, that's nice to find out!  I did have fun taking those photos, so I'm glad others will be able to enjoy them as well.  Congrats to the other winners.  And btw, since (apparently) the four of us got in the book, will we get four books as four entrants?  Or one?  Thanks for all your work!

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8 minutes ago, gregpj said:


Sounds like you're gearing up for a third book. :)


We were asked, but we just couldn't agree to a new idea.  I know I have mentioned this before, but there is very little money in writing a book.  It's sounds cool and it's nice to say that your "are published," but at the end of the day it is like working for minimum wage.

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